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Dealing With Stress Incontinence

I had prostate cancer and had my prostate removed in January of 2003. All is well except for the stress incontinence. I started off with Depends underwear which worked perfectly. But over time this underwear got to be a little bit too much.

I definitely needed something, so I changed to Depends Guards pads, which worked fine and were just right. The problem was in keeping the pads in place and not sagging (when wet) in my standard mens underwear. Mens underwear is cotton and nothing else. I did some research and found Bali Skimp Scamp panties, which are 80 % nylon and 20 % spandex. They also have a wide gusset. They worked perfectly with the Depends Guards pads. They stay in place, do not ride up or sag. I also tried Shadowline panties. I picked the ones that are 85% nylon and 15% spandex. They also have a wide gusset, and do not ride up or sag (with a wet pad). Both Bali Skimp Scamp panties and Shadowline panties are very comfortable.

I did the research and I believe I have come up with the perfect solution to the problem. The result is comfort and security. I don't particularly care about what someone may say about my choice of underwear. I just am happy that my stress incontinence problem is taken care of.

I have spoken to several other men who have undergone prostate removal and they have rolled their eyes at me when I tell them that I am wearing Bali or Shadowline stretch panties with a Guards pad. I have put out this information because it has made my life easier and so comfortable and I would like to have other men experience this same level of comfort and ease that I have.

Re: Dealing With Stress Incontinence

Have the same problem.
I tried various incontinence underwear plus pad, went a size smaller and i use plastic pants also and the combination is ok most of the time. But the sag creeps up on me if i am walking a lot.

Re: Dealing With Stress Incontinence

Try my solution. Bali or Shadowline panties. Nylon and spandex. No noisy plastic and no sag when wet.