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Re: Male Incontinence

I changed to using a sheath catheter about 12 months ago . Initially I strapped the bag to the leg but quickly found a small fabric covered sports it one bag that fits in my pocket connected easily through my undies and trouser pocket . It was important in the beginning getting the correct sheath size .. the companies provide all the sample free . It takes me about 2 mins in a morning to set up . Very discrete and doesn’t restrict any time of clothing or look you want to achieve . I have never had one leak blow back or problem Without a doubt it is the best thing I have done in terms of managing my IC and can honestly say I changed my life

Re: Male Incontinence

I have been using a sheath catheter for over a year . Changing from diapers etc to the sheath is the best thing I have done . It changed my life for the better Happy to answer any questions etc if it helps you in your work