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Post surgical incontinence

Last week I underwent surgery for an 8mm kidney stone. Post surgery I awoke in the ICU on a ventilator and a Foley catheter. After spending the better part of two days with the Foley, I was switched to using a urinal with a catch pad under me. On the drive home, I began to leak. Thankfully it wasn't too much. I ordered some diapers and had them delivered. Speaking to the nurse at the urologist's office she advised wearing a protective garment while I have the stent in. I have been going through 3-4 diapers during the day and one night diaper. How often should I be changing? Should I change right after I wet or do I wait until it is full? What kinds of cleaning aside from normal showering should I be doing? I am hoping that after the stent is removed I will return to normal. Thanks for any advice and letting me vent.