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Incontinence support

So I have issues trying to find a good support group. I find there's to many fetish lovers out there.
Going through what I go through is not fun, exciting or comforting. I'm fairly young yet and I'm finding it hard to have a good support group. I hate dealing with this. My spouse is super understanding however it would be nice to find people who are going through similar legitimate issues . If you ask how many incontinence products (diapers) I go through a day or what my favorite ones are, that leads me to believe it's a fetish thing.
I don't wear for fun, yes I have a brand that works for me but I hate it. There are so many issues around it I just want to talk to someone who can relate. Are there anyone else ho feel the same way?

Re: Incontinence support

Hello Me, I hear you on this topic!! Its frustrating to find a board that you think you can get some help or just talk about what each other has done to improve your quality of life with incontinence only to get the 'Whats your favorite diaper" question. I think the ABDL community has helped with products and stigma but we are two totally different groups and we need help with a medical condition and those who wear because they want to(which I dont care why you wear) just cant help us with some of the issues we have. I have been seeing a therapist now for a couple months and this topic comes up quite often because it depresses me and I have a real hard time coming to grips with it at times. Im here and open to chat anytime. Hope you have a wonderful Labor day weekend!!