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Confusing incontinence issue (male)

Hi, I'm 34 years old and have had an issue with incontinence for about seven years now. I think it's an overflow incontinence type but I am not sure because of the symptoms.

Each time I urinate, although I have the impression that I have completely emptied my bladder, minutes later I'm sure to have the involuntary leakage. Each time. After it, I don't have this problem anymore until I urinate again. I've been to a urologist (who performed the circumcision on me in 2018, but the problem was there prior to it), I've done a uroflow test and he examined me and concluded that my bladder IS empty after urination. He gave me some medication and basically advised me to avoid stress. It didn't help...

I urinate regularly, not too often and not during the night, and I usually don't feel the urge like some men with this problem. But, once I had this problem after a few beers (that's normal, I know, but this was really sudden and intense). Also, there was once a period in 2020 when I felt the constant urge to urinate for about a day and a half - much pressure on my bladder but barely peeing at all.

Sometimes I feel mild pain on the left or the right side of the bladder, it lasts for a few minutes. I used to feel it in a testicle as well, but a long time ago. At the beginning of urination, my urine flow is a bit uncontrollable, bursting and splattered. As a child, I had a hernia operation.

Thanks in advance for your useful replies. Sorry if my English is not the best, it's not my first language.