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Suprapubic cystostomy [SPC]

Following on from my TURP operation I suffered from incontinence. After a time this problem eased and was acceptable.
However, this problem has now increased quite dramatically and I am unable to enjoy a good nights sleep. I can make between 10 and 20 trips to the bathroom in the night.As a result I am investigating a suprapubic cystostomy, so that I can sleep at nights.

When I first had a catheter fitted I had to attach it to a bag alongside my bed, which mad esleeping difficult.

Can anyone, who has had the SPC operation, tell me they can sleep with just the leg bag, it will help me in my decison making.

Thanks you.

Re: Suprapubic cystostomy [SPC]

I am interested in the possibility of a supra pubic catheter as well. Would love to hear from somebody with that experiences. I have read various opinions and experiences good and bad. Also interested in the possibility of a colostomy stoma for My bowels.

Re: Suprapubic cystostomy [SPC]

It’s interesting reading your post.
I had an indwelling fitted 2 years ago. My consultant is reluctant to do a suprapubic catheter as he feels Carries to much risk of infection. The indwelling. I have only suffered one infection in two years.

Catheters have plus and minus
Plus is I do get a good sleep. You do get used it and with the long tube. Roll over in bed. No issues with the need to keep going to the toilet. Bedtime you use a 2 litre bag and officially you supposed to connect it the bag and not directly to the to the Catheter
I use a valve connected to the catheter. Ideal for swimming and having a bath or shower.

Minus. They are not perfect. And the catheter needs replacing every 12 weeks. A slight tug and the bag can detach from the catheter. Leaving you unaware and if out you will out when your wet and the same can happen in bed

Things that have happened to me in 2 yrs; while swimming the ballon has burst. Nurse has took old catheter out the realized she had the wrong catheter leading to a trip to hospital. One infection

I dont want an indwelling and want the Suprapubic. But I can’t have one

Consultant has offered nappies which after 2 yrs I’m happy to take.
This week he’s got me wearing nappies and to be honest it’s better. Only thing is I got to cut down on fluids as width the catheter I was passing about 1 1/2 litres a night
So at the moment I’m using plastic pants as well.

I’m using pull ups during the day again with plastic pants.

This is new to me. So I’ll see how it goes.
The other thing you can look at is a condom catheter

Re: Suprapubic cystostomy [SPC]

Thank you for your comprehensive and detailed descripton, Phil. It has given me much food for thought as to what actions to take in the future.

I recently went to hospital for a flow test - though in my case it was a slow dribble. I was diagnosed with an infection of the bladder and given anti-biotics. I spoke with the consultant regarding the possibility of an SPC operation. He suggested that I waited until the infection cleared. Perhaps he knew the outcome might be favourable - it was!

My many trips to the bathroom ceased and I can now enjoy a good nights rest. I still suffer from slight incontinence, but am prepared to accerpt this problem

Re: Suprapubic cystostomy [SPC]

My understanding from talking with other people online. And reading is the supra pubic catheter less likely to give you an infection than indwelling urethral catheters. With minimum urethral leaks. For years after My initial strokes. I used indwelling catheters. Which I suffered so many UTI infections. Several were really bad and required hospitalization. Not to mention incidents with careless or inexperienced caregivers. Painfully tugged on during transfers or the leg bag coming loose or overflowing. Causing urine to spill into My bed or wheelchair. As well as the times the antibiotics and medications. Used to treat the infections threw My bowel program off. Resulting in unpredictable bowel accidents. This has went on for years. In addition to all the other issues associated with quadriplegia and advanced stages of MS. I feel like My DRs and caregivers have given up on Me. And I have been semi bedridden using adult diaper briefs and bed pad chux for the last 3-4 years. The only solution to make it easier would be a supra pubic catheter and Colostomy for My bowel system.

Re: Suprapubic cystostomy [SPC]

Last November I asked if anybody had a suprapubic cyctostomy [SPC] and received some interesting rep[lies.
I have just suffered with an infection which neccesitated many trips to the bathroom. Again I considered an SPC but looked at the Coloplast web page where they show a Conveen Optima sheath and leg bag. This would have the advantage that there would be no operation, the catheter would not require replacing every few weeks, so it seemed a good idea.

Has anybody used this apparatus? If so, does it work satisfactorily? Is it comfortable, or does it pose probems?

I'm due to see my consultant soon and would be very appreciative if I had some answers to my questions before I meet him.

Any replies will be more than welcome.