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Day 3 wearing nappies. District nurse coming back Saturday nappies or back to catheters

So after 2 years wearing an indwelling catheter and the consultant won’t fot sulpubic catheter because he feels it Carries to much risk of infections. So I got a weeks trial of wearing nappies.
So Monday NHS district came on Monday removed catheter and left 6 nappies that you tape on for bed and 15 pull up pants for daytime and said she will return Saturday to see if it I think nappies are better
I’m in the middle of road at the moment
I’ve had to buy a pair of plastic pants be over night it leaked bad. I know I’ve got to cut down before bed drinking water
Tuesday night the nappy leaked again but lucky the plastic pant prevented it leaking on to the bed
The pull pants are ok but again leak easy so have wear plastic pants
What can I expect on Saturday from the nurse
How many daytime nappies do they allow you
Pull ups are not really practical as you need to undress and ideally some like the night time nappy but less bulky would be ideal
Has anyone else found nappies better than a catheter?