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Incontinence in Public Safety, (Law/Fire/EMS)

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with urinary incontinence for a few years now. It requires me to map out my bathrooms and use pads or tape on briefs daily and at work. Here's the kicker though, I have worked in public safety for several years and will be moving into a full time firefighting/ems job,(dream job). Is there anyone who works in public safety that can help me with some tips or advise on managing it while on duty. Currently, only one fellow employee knows I have this issue, as I am afraid of being labeled or seen as a lesser person because of it. (From the outside you'd never guess I had this issue, I.E. Im the go-to guy that gets stuff done, and I'm healthy as a horse in all other aspects.) I am worried this issue stems from scar tissue from past abuse or pinched nerves and may not go away.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks for being great!