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bed pads for use in wheelchair ? And rash creams or home remedies

Warning this may be a little TMI for some. But skin care for incontinence can be a problem. Wearing adult briefs for extended periods of time can lead to rash and or infections or skin breakdowns. I can't turn or move Myself. I have to be turned a couple times. through the night. From My back to My side then to the other side. I sleep in a hospital style bed with Alternating Air Mattress. Which has helped prevent sores. Often in the morning if its just My caregiver and Me I have Her just remove the brief and I lay on a bed pad. In the past when I was able to maintain a bowel program. We used the bed pads in bed. Now its really just incase of leaks or clean up after the brief has been used. But to spend a few hours every day not wearing anything has helped a lot with rash problems. And so I only have to wear the adult diaper briefs at night or in My wheelchair. The bed pads we use are two sizes I generally lay on the smaller size on top of the bigger 36X48 . That way if I have to be changed in the night I can just be rolled off the used pad and brief and I'm already on a pad. To protect My bed and lesson the amount of laundry. I have a reclining wheelchair. But its a nightmare if I have to be changed in the chair. And its often a chance the expensive cushioned seat of the chair could get urine or stool on it during the process. So what would be the best pads or chux to use in a wheelchair ?