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Incontinence/stress Incontinence

I have been looking for a place where I can tell of this procedure I have found that works for me and has been incredibly helpful in certain situations. I actually saw this scrolling on line and thought I would give it a try. For all I know others may already know this. Ok, to those who are completely incontinent this ,I don't think, will apply. I will get a feeling that I need to urinate but I only(most times) have about 15 sec to get to a bathroom. As soon as you get the urge, lean over and grab your tendon behind your ankle with you thumb and rest of your hand and rub up and down the back of you shin a few times. Putting pressure. This should stop the urge and immediacy to urinate giving you time to get to a bathroom. This worked for me completely, I was amazed. (I am a nurse, hard to impress) There was a scientific reason for it. I am 75 and use 3 heavy duty pads a day. This has helped immensely. Wanted to pass it along.