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Post surgical incontinence follow up and how I am taking care of the situation

I am still recovering from my kidney stone from last August. I was on Myrbetric and it made my my incontinence improve. However I am still suffering from overnight accidents. I have been testing Carer washable incontinence underwear. Their products are comfortable and washable. I have been wearing their M65, M66 and M67 underwear. The majority of the day I do wear their underwear.

Here is my review of their products based on my personal experience.

I have been wearing the M65 every other day. The M65 is good for daily use overall. I did however have an incident when grocery shopping where I filled the M65. I suffer from UUI Urge Urinary Incontinence and UUI can be very unpredictable. The M65 is great for non urge related episodes. When I have light days the M65 does a nice job of collecting post void leakage and keeps my pants dry. I feel confident wearing the M65 for daytime use.

I have been wearing the M66 the days opposite that I wear the M65. I find the M66 the most comfortable for daytime use. The M66 fits nicely under my jeans and they are catch any leakage I have during the day. Fit is good, comfort is good.

Nighttime is a struggle for me. Some nights I stay dry, but when I don't I need maximum protection. I tried the Carer M67 their overnight product. The M67 I received didn't fit me right. I am a bigger guy 6'2" and 275 lbs and the M67 was too big for me. I did try it overnight and it worked, was very absorbent but I still managed to overflow the M67. Carer is sending me another M67 in a smaller size and another product their M01.

I am looking forward to trying their newer products and have found Carer very easy to work with!

Re: Post surgical incontinence follow up and how I am taking care of the situation

Thank you for your honest review share! :p