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Number 2 accident cleaning up help

Any tips on cleaning up number 2 accidents?

Re: Number 2 accident cleaning up help

Can You be more specific. Do You need tips for Yourself or somebody You care for ? How bad is the incontinence ? With bowel accidents You need to clean up as soon as possible for skin care reasons.

Re: Number 2 accident cleaning up help

If I assume you are talking about self cleaning with an accident especially out and about, this may help. I posted this on another incontinence forum too.

Ok, not sure why I am so slow to figure this out, but thought it might help someone else out too. If you figured this out automatically, feel free to laugh at me! :)

I have struggled with bowel incontinence for years. When I had a really serious accident it would be off to the shower if available. If not available, I would clean up as best I could and worry about rashes and smell if I missed anything. I have always had a hard time cleaning up between my legs in the area between my bottom and my genitals. (Warned you about details!!).

So I tried something the other day that has been absolutely life-changing! Once I am done wiping everything off I can get from behind and in front, I take a fresh adult wipe (has to be kind of long) and pass it between my legs so that I am holding one end in one hand up front and the other end in the other hand in back. Then I basically floss between my legs with the wipe. Do this with a couple of wipes if necessary. Oh my gosh it is so nice! It has reduced rashes for me and gives me a confident clean after even the worst accidents while out and about.

I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable with the details, but I truly hope it will help some folks. I am a nurse (and a dad) and have wiped many bottoms on other people before I myself became disabled. It is so much easier to reach everything on someone else, but has been so hard to reach on myself. No longer! :)

Hope you have a great day. Keep fighting the good fight!

Re: Number 2 accident cleaning up help

I suffer occasional bowel acccidents, and here is my preferred method of cleanup. I take a bunch of underpads, and use them to line the floor of my bathroom. I remove ALL items from the floor of the bathroom. I then strip down to just the diaper. I get a trasbag READY. I carefully take the diaper off, to make sure the bowel movement is contained in the diaper. The aformetnined underpads catch any errant fecal matter. THat goes straight into the trash. I then take one of the underpads and use it to cup my backside and wipe back to front to get the bulk of the fecal matter off my body. The surface area on a chux pad is much largger than an adult sized wipe, so I recommend using them for this purpose to get the big feces off you. i then wipe off myself using wipes. I then step into the shower. I have used this cleanup tecnique on the go and it works as equally well in a bathroom in public, should the need arise. Just make sure to cover your feet with underpwds in case poop falls on them!

Hope this helps :)