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Giggle Incontinence

Hi I just wanted to share my story so people who are struggling with a similar thing can know that they're not alone. When I was going through it I felt alone in my struggle.
I suffered from Giggle Incontinence from age 9-18. I would start giggling uncontrollably and I couldn't stop the pee from running out of me. After it happened I would become quiet and withdrawn and I would try to hide it. I eventually had to bring a plastic bag with a change of pants and underwear to school but when I had to get changed all the other girls in the bathroom saw my bag and knew about it. It was very embarrassing and kids and adults were disgusted with it.
I went to the doctor twice for this once when I was 10 or so and I got medication for it. I think the medication helped, but after a year or so I stopped taking it because my parents and I thought I had outgrown my problem. At age 13 or so it came back and I went to the doctor again. I'm not sure what the doctor did that time.
I just want you to know that you are not alone, you are not disgusting, and you are loved. I pray God will heal you and he can use our suffering for good.