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So, I gave feedback to Abena on the new Premium Slips...

Hey gang!

Well, Abena has TOTALLY changed what used to be the Premium (cloth backed) Briefs. They aren't anything similar, other than the stretchy tabs. I pasted in my email to the Abena Headquarters on the product. Read it and let me know what you think. Do you like the new design, hate it, have suggestions to make it better? I would like to send your feedback to Abena. At one time many years ago, they were going to do away with the plastic backed Abena level 4 briefs, and your feedback kept them available here in the United States. So, here is the message to them. Give me your thoughts.

I am incredibly disappointed in your redesign of the Abena Premium Slips. they are in NO WAY the same or even remotely similar to the Abena Premium Briefs. I used to use the L4 Premium Briefs and so I bought the L4 Premium Slips. You're kidding, right? NOWHERE near the protection, fit, comfort or confidence. I have looked around the Internet and found that about 75% of people are not happy and are looking for better cloth backed briefs. I have always rated Abena products very highly, but this new design, I can not recommend. The fit and shape are all wrong, the side wings are flimsy fabric and I definitely do not feel confident in them. I personally will be switching to another cloth backed product.... To be honest, I would re-tool the machinery to make the previous product and immediately fire the person/people who came up with this disaster. They obviously sit in a Board Room and are looking to cut costs, and do not use the product themselves.


Brian Carter - Owner
The Incontinence Resource Center