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Afex system for men out of house trial run

So, just to give myself a break from diapers..either the constant buying of disposables or washing loads of cloth diapers, I decided to give the Afex system a full try. It meant shelling out a few hundred bucks, but I figured that if it worked well, the money would be well spent. I tried wearing it around the house with FANTASIC results. In multiple positions, sitting, standing it held episdode after episode while keeping evertything dry. I decided to be brave and try wearing it outsisde the house. I went to Meijer and had a starbucks after drinking some water. I wanted to see if it could handle large outputs well without leaking. It held admirably with no issues...until I got in my car to drive home from Meijer. The leg bag was parallel to the receptacle and it felt like something was splashing onto my downstairs equipment. Curious sensation. Hard to describe otherwise. When I got home, the underwear was wet but only the area around the receptacle. So, perahps the high receptacle with vent holes to relive air pressure was causing it. So i decied to try wearing a protec breief over top (a diaper cover that has some absorbent lining resembling boxer briefs) That did not go the best. I had a huge episode at the church on the way to confession, and the protec breifs were wet and so waere the afex breifs. I went, did my confession, got home, and when I got out of the car, my bladder emptied again. My pants were dry.. my afex undies.. not so much. They were soaked. So was the protec brief.. but my pants were dry. I would give the afex system a 7 out of 10. Not perfect. Very useful for around the house management, but I need some level of outer protection over top to wear it out of the house. I suspect the protec breif was too tight and was causing leaks, therefore I decided to dry palstic bloomers from LL medico.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts. Peace out!