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Nothing seems to work

I was diagnosed with CHF and put on diuretics. Since then I have had trouble with leaks. I have spent a lot of money trying to find something that works. I seem to leak all the time but don’t notice it and by the time I notice I have a full bladder I stand and whoosh then dripping because the pads/diapers can’t hold it. I then release a lot in the toilet and it starts all over again. I needed to vent, why can’t manufacturers listen to people who need and use their products my guess is because the make money with customers buying excessive pads/diapers instead of making something that works

Re: Nothing seems to work

So sorry You are having these issues. Incontinence can be awful. Different products and practices work for everybody. Perhaps set a timer on Your phone. To get up and go to the bathroom. Every - However many hours ? You think You need to? You can read in these forums what works for others. Unfortunately the urinary sudden flooding. Can be tough. The cheaper briefs often wont contain that. Or perhaps go up a size? I'm quadriplegic and in a wheelchair or bed. I often get no warning until its happened. I dribble leak and flood throughout the day. As well as bowel accidents. So I use the Tranquility ATN overnight briefs. There are better briefs on the market. But usually not covered by insurance. Good luck.