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Moving to Bandon
Hi, I am moving to Bandon hopefully within a month and would like to rent a home and join a church. Does anyone have a clean home for rent? Barbara from Branson, Missouri
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Last Post: Aug 24, 2020
by Barbara Taves
Internet Website
I like the changes in our Website. If used properly it should be a tool to show more people to the...” way, the truth, and the life”. Nice to see the church catching up with the times but keeping firmly planted in “The Word”. Keep the schedul...
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Last Post: Jun 08, 2020
by GARY Scott
How is everyone doing?
Reply to this Topic to keep your church family updated on what's going on!
Views: 87   Replies: 10
Last Post: Apr 26, 2020
by Carla Fellows
Use this Topic to share with us how God is working in YOUR life in this time of craziness.
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Last Post: Apr 08, 2020
by Pastor Greg
What are your needs?
Reply to this Topic if you have any need (rides to appointments, groceries, prayer, etc...)
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Last Post: Apr 08, 2020
by Pastor Greg
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