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Dear All,

I had the distinct impression that my family name (Van Aken) is a typical Dutch name.

As I just learned from this Site, there are a whole lot of Van Aken's living in the U.S.A.

Is there, by any chance, any-one who has got Dutch roots?, Especially from the vicinity of Harderwijk?

In that case, there is a fair chance we might be related.

Hope to receive a reply within due course.

Greetings to all Van Aken's, world wide

Re: Questionnaire

Evert, Thanks for posting your note! As you may have read, many of us descend from Marinus Van Aken, who was married in Cadzand NL in 1683 to Pieternelle de Pre. We do not have much additional information. We also have a few other Van Aken immigrants to America. There was a John Van Aken who came to the US in the 1880's but we do not know where in the NL he lived. We would like to trace our Van Aken's to those still living in Holland. Perhaps we will find we are related. Do you have any suggestions on our research? Thanks for any advice you can give us. Ann

Re: Re: Questionnaire

Hello from down under,

My husband is a van Aken and he came here in 1955 with his familie. His father was a John van Aken who came from Wassenaar and was married to Jacoba van Klaveren. We have traced back our line to Hieronymus Bosch in the 1700, who was the painter who started Surrealsm painting. My husband also had a uncle Rennie van Aken, who came here about the same time I think.