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Parks/Parke Family

WOW! This site is amazing! According to my ancestor Thankful W. Parks Davis' death certificate, her parents were Moses Parks and Hannah Lord. I believe they are the same Moses and Hannah listed in this tree, and I am shocked to see you've traced Moses's ancestors to the year 1350. My question is, Robert Parke is listed as 'SIR', I assume this means he was a knight. How would I go about searching for his family crest/shield? Or have you alreay done this?
Bethanne Knapp

Re: Parks/Parke Family

I'm the keeper of the tree with Parks on it and my gGrandmother was a Parks. I am a 5th cousin 4 times removed with Moses (whatever that means)
There is a book on the Parks that I got most of the old information from and I will look at it later to see if there is any mention of a family crest or information about Robert being a knight.
It's interesting that Moses' Mother was called Thankful too, I would have thought one thankful in the family would be enough.
The Parks have two towns named after them: Parksville, NY and Parkston, NY

Re: Re: Parks/Parke Family

Thanks for the fast reply. I would love to hear all that you know about these people. What is the name of the book you have? My sister in law lives in Parksville, she'll be happy to know its named after her own family!

Re: Re: Re: Parks/Parke Family

Hi, first, at (the delaware co. page)someone posted a great family history of ADAMS, it includes our Hannah Lord, wife of Moses Parks. It lists her mother, Lydia Adams and her grandmother Be-Ti-A, a full blood Delaware Minisink Indian (aka Lenape)Check it out!
Secondly, I took the bull by the horns and wrote to Queen Elizabeth herself, asking for background on Sir Robert Parkes. Her secretary replied that I should contact the College of Arms because they hold those type of records. To make a long story short- the college replied that they will be happy to LOOK, but I'd have to send them $500.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats not happening! Thought you'd enjoy the story!