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Re: Re: Re: 85-6 Junior Cup Final

Has to be THE bast day I've ever had following the Talbot - and we've all had a few good days

My first time at Hampdump, lost 2 early goals I wondered just what the heck was happening. To get 3 goals back was something else - but in the 1st 30-odd minutes? It was a beautiful dream. Bet those watching on television couldn't believe it either. If Kenny Paterson had scored with that mazy run of his in the 2nd half I think I'd have passed out.

At the final whistle I was straight down to the fance and, when the players came round, I chucked my scarf over and I'm almost certain Sam McCulloch picked it up.

Will also never forget going through Mauchline to get back to Catrine. Ther must've been nost of the village there, I didn't believe I'd ever see the like again - little knowing it'd happen the very next year

That was the end of the celebrations for me, I had my Biology 'o' level the next day I did manage a few drinks hte next 2 years though - and the 3 other times we've won it since then

Re: Re: Re: Re: 85-6 Junior Cup Final - by Southerner - Feb 8, 2009 11:19am
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