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Give a character a cool nickname!

All the Hasbro-made characters have cool-sounding names like Rio, Aja, Kimber, etc, or cool nicknames like Pizzazz, Riot, Clash, Danse, etc.

Most of the Sunbow original characters don't.

For Jeff Wright I've got 'Joyride', keeping with his life as a stuntman, and for Anthony Julian I've kept it simple with 'AJ'. Other characters I think deserve cool names are Craig Phillips and Sean Harrison, but I can't think of anything that fits.

On the flip-side is Techrat who never had a civilian name. I picked Ross Thompson, after the two girls working on the awesome new IDW comic.

Terrific idea, I'm giving it a try

This is one of the most creative ideas I've heard for a while about Jem, and nice job picking the names! Of course they should have nicknames being in the entertainment world and Jem-world, and the only reason the don't already is because Hasbro didn't invent the characters, so yeah let's try to fix that.

Would be fun if we Jem fans could pick some short and Jem-sounding names that we would use to refer quickly to the characters. Hmm let's see what I can do, Craig Phillips, well he plays drums. I'd say Crash, as it starts off with the letters of his real name and refers to the most spectacular part of a drum set, the Crash cymbal! I'm not sure whether people are familiar with this word for drums, but I think it fits right in there with names like Clash and Riot. Only one letter differs from Clash though, but so does Riot and Rio.

Anyone have more ideas?