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Jem fic ideas

Do you have any ideas for fics you are currently working on or want to write in the future? Discuss them here!

Here's mine. I have outlined chapter 1 so far, well, most of it. There is still one more scene to add to it and then I'll write the actual chapter.

It is centered around a 6 year old girl named Gabrielle who is taken in by the Misfits after she runs away from her dysfunctional and alcoholic aunt and uncle who almost always leave her to fend for herself. She forms an especially close bond with Stormer who takes on kind of a motherly role. The interaction between Pizzazz, Roxy, and Jetta and Gabrielle will be interesting to see too. Oh man, the insanity! lol Imagine the stuff they'd teach her.

In addition, there are three sub-plots. One is about Jem and the Holograms as they raise their families. Jerrica and Rio are married with two children, Aja and Stormer's brother Craig have a little one together, as do Shana and Anthony, and Raya has an adopted daughter (I originally didn't know who her love interest would be, but I think that she and this tour guide Luis Geraldo from the Aztec Enchantment episode could really work out well together eventually. They seemed a bit cozy, didn't they?). Kimber and Sean have only been married less than a year when the fic begins, but the Holograms soon learn that their big happy family is about to grow. I have also maintained Kimber and Stormer's friendship and have them collaborate on their music occasionally.

The next one involves Danse. She is in a relationship with Stefan, the dancer she met from the Zagreb Ballet in Homeland, Heartland. He is now living in the US with her, as is her father Peter. Her father has emigrated from his homeland to escape the corrupt government over there and is practicing medicine again, as he did before that jerk wad Victor (director or whatever he was at the Zagreb Ballet. I don't know how to spell his last name) made him lose his job. I mostly want to resolve the mystery of what happened to Danse's mother Nadia. Is she alive, dead, or what? The series doesn't answer that from what I remember. I'm unsure how to go about this, but I believe Danse deserves closure no matter what the outcome may be.

Finally, this last sub-plot deals with Minx having a major problem on her hands. The Stingers return from another tour and Minx wants to talk to Rio. We know how she says she can have any man she wants, but then dumps them when she's bored, right? Well, her reputation has come back to haunt her and she confides in Rio and looks to him for help. And I don't mean getting into bed with him. She doesn't need that kind of help.

Any suggestions?