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Jem Legacy Movie doll

Hi Everyone!

Now that Comic Con is officially over, did anyone see or have any news to share regarding the new Jem movie legacy doll?

Will the Jem movie doll be produced by Integrity or Hasbro?

I read here that the movie doll is based on the Jem actress likeness!

Appreciate any info and when the doll will be released.

Soo exciting and soo outrageous! Can't wait to see the doll!

Thank you!

Re: Jem Legacy Movie doll

Hi Lynn! :)

There's been no more news revealed yet concerning that doll. Aubrey Peeples was sent a prototype doll head without hair and makeup. It's not been confirmed if that doll is actually being released, nor by what company. Perhaps that is the exclusive ShopBop doll by Integrity Toys. Or perhaps Aubrey's doll is made by another company, while the ShopBop one resembles the other Integrity dolls. Just guesses.

If anyone has more news on this, feel free to share! :)

Re: Jem Legacy Movie doll

It was on ShopBop, produced by Integrity Toys and Hasbro, and was made in limited edition of 500 units. It sold for $119, and was released on October 1st, but she sold out in two hours!!

I really think she is beautiful, she has the light pink dress and the red belt, and her hair and makeup are just amaze!

Hopefully you can find her on eBay or something... I just didn't have the money, AND I WAS IN SCHOOL!! Dammit >:(