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Re: I don't agree at all, and watch the language plz

Quote: Webmaster
The live-action movie and the new comics are getting some rough comments, because they are different. But remember, this is someones hard work, and why would anyone want to join onto a project if they couldn't add anything of their own?

I'd love a continuation of the 80's cartoon, but I also very much welcome new interpretations. There's room for both. And what I've seen so far rocks, in my opinion!

I don't agree with the reasons you mentioned to resort to such wording. I don't think having an overweight or lesbian character makes something cr**. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but think I'd listen more if you explained what you meant.

You probably didn't mean to come across so strongly. But let's keep it a bit nicer, okay? :)

The comics are great. I think they did a great job of re inventing the show with the comics. The movie is crap because they sold out to universal so they could make something that would appeal only to girls 25 and below forgetting about fans loyal to the show. Synergy being a home movie projector and not having the key elements of the show really disappointed fans. Maybe new people will like it. Least its getting the material out there again, however highly disappointed with movie.

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