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Lena Lerner/Nyasha Lauder

Okay, I know that this site has been nominating other Integrity dolls as unofficial substitutes for Jem characters who as yet do not have an official doll, and that there is also a list of characters that the webmaster would like to see as dolls someday.

Well, it's just that I personally think that the doll Nyasha Lauder from the Color Infusion line is a perfect substitute for Lena Lerner. Just saying.

Re: Lena Lerner/Nyasha Lauder

Hi! :)

I hadn't thought about that resemlance before. Will definitely check out pictures of the Nyasha Lauder doll to remind myself what she looks like and imagine her as Lena. I love getting suggestions like this, because some Jem characters may never get released as dolls, yet there are so many things that speak for some dolls by Integrity Toys being meant as inofficial Jem characters. I'll add more about that to the doll pages eventually.

Thanks for mentioning this, and if you anyone else have any more suggestions for good Jem characters and IT doll matches, please share. :)

Re: Lena Lerner/Nyasha Lauder

Glad I could help!

Maybe we can find a doll version of Graphix or Blaze, lol XD