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Where's the Webmaster?

I really like this website, but it hasn't been updated since July. I just wanted to make sure if the webmaster is okay?

Re: Where's the Webmaster?

Hi MangaBottle! :)

Thanks for your message, it's very nice of you to ask. I appreciate fellow Jem fans who care about each other, because things can be tough at times. I've been so busy and then I was hit by a car. I'm okay, but I haven't had much time for the site lately, and unfortunately I haven't checked this forum much. Although I haven't announced updates, I have done some here and there, but the huge ones I'm saving for... hopefully very soon. They're pretty much done, just need to add some pictures before I upload them. :)

So check back in a while and hopefully you'll see lots of updates. But I'm not sure how active I'll be with posting Jem news, I'm looking into a feature that will make it quicker and easier to post things.