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Doll ID Help?


I thought I'd take a chance and check this forum out for possible help identifying a Rock star doll I used to have as a kid. I've been looking for years and I just can't find it...
It's not a Barbie and I'm pretty sure it's not a Jem - but what the heck IS it...

I don't have any pics since I can't find the doll in Mom's attic - the best I can do is to describe it... (I'm not 100 % sure of all the details.)

I got it in the later years of the 80s or possibly in the first years of the 90s.

* As I remember, she was slightly "bigger" than a Barbie, more like a Sindy somehow, in shape and size. Tall and lanky.
But I'm not sure.
Heavy makeup in various sharp colours. The overall impression was much "sharper" than for an example the Barbie Rockstar dolls. She had an attitude!

* She was a brunette, kind of auburnish, long, frizzy/curly hair. I have some kind of vague recollection that she might have had highlights in some odd colour. Not sure if she had bangs, might have had fluffy 80s bangs.
Included in the set was a small white wig, like a toupé (which was completely useless.) Kind of like a plastic helmet, with stitched on hair, that looked absolutely ridiculous.

* She had a layered lamé dress, I think the bodice had one bare shoulder. It was made of dark turquoise satin and I'm pretty sure it had a short frill trim of magenta lamé. There might have been some silver stars printed on it.
The skirt had 3 layers of lamé frill in the colours magenta, dark turquoise and gold. About mid thigh lenght.

* She had black fishnet pantyhose that were really cool. They had a pattern of spots in various coloured metal thread.

* She had arm warmers / detached sleeves - in magenta lamé - with a V shape down over the hands.

* The shoes might have been black slingback pumps - not sure, since I lost them pretty quickly.

* I can't remember any other accessories, except a hand held microphone. (But I think there were other stuff as well.)
I can't remember any hair ornaments but there usually is something, right. I THINK she might have had long earrings.

* I'm not completely sure, but I think that some details - in the makeup, the stars on the bodice etc, might have been glow-in -the-dark.

Overall, I'd say the doll was of better quality than the average Barbies back then. Her clothes and accessories were more intricate and had a much better fit than Barbie clothes.
I don't know about Jem dolls since I never had the pleasure to own one... Mom tended to buy me frilly pink Barbies... so I went ballistic when I got this cool doll.
She was absolutely awesome and I would love to find out which maker and doll it was...
But I just can't find her online! :(

I really hope it might ring a bell with some collector of Jem dolls... in that case - HELP :D

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