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Re: Doll ID Help?

OMG! YES! Thank you! :D
I had checked the page with similar dolls, but wasn't able to determine if she reminded of the Lace dolls - and when I googled, I couldn't find my particular doll.

But I found her on ebay! :D

My recollection was pretty spot-on, except a few tiny details.
I also was surprised to see that a small hairpiece which I was certain belonged to a My Little Pony, seemed to belong to this doll.

I'm soooo happy - thanks a bunch! :D
I'm gonna turn Mom's attic upside down and see if I can find her. I hope Mom hasn't thrown away everything :S

I did adore Jem as well as a kid. I found a pair of pink star clip-on earrings in a store and I was sooooo proud of them :)
But my parents always bought me frilly, silly princess dolls instead of the cool ones I really wanted. Sigh.