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Rock Jem episode guide

I don't mean to bother you but I thought you might want to know that you are missing the number 27 on your episode page. There are only 65 episodes.

I picked up the cheap Shout Factory 8 disc version of the Jem set on for only $10 and have been reading your episode guide while watching the discs. I was trying to find screen capture comparisons between all the sets but no one has them. I appreciate your caps in the guides though. I read the 8 disc set is a little improved over the 11 disc set but haven't seen any proof.

Re: Rock Jem episode guide

Whoopsiedoodle, I just read the Mysteries page and see why no 27. Weird.

Still gonna compare some online screenshots with my 2015 set to see if they used a different source though. They don't look as blurry as what I see online although the first episode looks like a VHS rip and World Hunger Shindig has some ghosting that suggests a frame rate conversion (blending frames).