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Re: REG: New Jem Fam Site -- My Jem Online

Carly Grace Fleischmann
Hi there:

At this point the only things that are planned to be on the site is the current static pages, the JemPortal Social Intranet Platform Application (forum, blogs, KB,, and gallery suite of applications (updates planned as time permits) and JemConnect helpdesk. If I can get a copy of the document you’re referencing then I’m sure I can get a link to it integrated to the site.
Correction on the web link:

Re: REG: New Jem Fam Site -- My Jem Online

I think I might have found the Jem paper dolls! (& the Rainbow Brite, & 2 types of Lady Lovely Locks - love all those shows!) Pinterest. I am too young for an account, so says my mom, and I agree with her whole heartedly. I could provide the links, as best I could, if you want. If not I understand too.
Have a blessed day!