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Re: Adult diapers/nappies 24/7

Christa, I am so sorry to hear about your struggle. Incontinence can be such a struggle for caregivers. I have been dealing with incontinence for over 20 years. You need a super absorbent overnight diaper that will not leak overnight. I use the NorthShore Care Air supreme or supreme diapers. I also wear a waterproof pant over the diaper, just in case of any leaks. They also have a Mega-Max extra super absorbent diaper as well you might want to check out. Here is a link to the overnight diaper page on their site:

They have an excellent blog on overnight diapers at:

Let us know if this helps.

Re: Adult diapers/nappies 24/7

It is a stigma and just depressing any level of incontinence. I am profoundly physically disabled. And so many issues besides being completely incontinent. Women do have other concerns with bowel incontinence. But there are ways to help with that too. We have to try to make the most of our situations

Re: Adult diapers/nappies 24/7

If you facing Incontinencese issue then use Wellness Briefs Diapers for Adult. This adult diapers & most absorbent pull ups inspired by NASA technology, Stay dry for 8 hours.

Re: Adult diapers/nappies 24/7

Dear TEXAN: Thank you for your kind response, VERY HELPFUL! Forgive my belated acknowledgement, I had a VERY painful flare-up of my RA and was now diagnosed with another painful condition: GOUT. But I try, as we all do :-) 'to hang in there'. Will update when success has happened. Christa