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Re: Incontinent At 19

Urologist deal with it all the time don’t be embarrassed

Re: Incontinent At 19

Hello ive got a bit of a problem, i have began to lose control of my bladder around 2 months ago and its been getting progressively worse, ive had problems with controlling my urine in the past but that usually passed within a week or two, this time it has been going on for 2 months every day and night, ive resorted to wearing adult diapers but its really impacting my mental health and social life as im scared of someone noticing and the embarrasment, i believe that i have a weak bladder genetically and its been getting worse with the years, i have asked my mother and she told me that it took a long time to get me out of nappies as a baby and i wore them till around 6 years old, i am scared/too embarrassed to go see a doctor about this and i dont know what else i can do?
Hi Ary,

I’m in the same boat it sucks. The only advice I can give is not be ashamed. Lots of us (girls included) struggle with incontinence and diapers. Best of luck

Re: Incontinent At 19

Do seek medical advice as soon as possible. It could be that you have a urinary tract infection which, if not treated, could cause permanent damage to your urinary system