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Re: Diaper Reviews...

Have you all tried the new Attends Premier Briefs. I have used them and they are some of the softest overnight diapers I have ever used. Also very absorbent for overnight use! Here is a link for Amazon

Re: Diaper Reviews...

Thank you so much for the diaper reviews. The format is great, the chart at the top of each review provides a great overview of that particular diaper and a good way to compare products. I like the content of your reviews as well, you give good information for us to make a decision as to what might work for me. I used the Tena Super for years and like it for the price. On one of our trips to Ukraine I tried the Seni Super Plus (I bought in a pharmacy there.) and have been using them for several years. They work very well for me to use for overnight, I very rarely have any leaks. Also hard to beat the price of $65.35 ($0.87/each)for a case of 75! Thank you for all the work on the entire site! Great job.