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Re: Botox question

I have the procedure done quarterly. It helps in some senses. See I suffer from over activity, so bad Thad most of the time I don't feel the urge to go, it just flows. Now with the botox I can sure hold alot however by the time I have the sensation it's almost to late and I don't make it in time. I am looking into the bladder sling. I hope you have better luck. The procedure is not painful however i get sedated for it.

Re: Botox question

I have an OAB and when walking etc , no sensation of voiding, can use 4/5/6 pads a day, when driving no real problem till i get out then it can be urgency. Am day 25 on Mirabegron 50mg another five weeks to go. Botox was going to be my next choice if the Mirabegron is not successful. Decision time soon!